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Roman Aridor

Role: Vocalist & Lyricist
Born: Istanbul, Turkey
Favorite Food: Indian
Loves: Traveling / Hiking

Fears: Glitter
Favorite Bands: In Flames, Allegaeon, and Heilung
Influences: Tori Amos,
James Maynard Keenan,
Johanthan Davis,
and Snoop Dogg
Interests: Podcasting & Gym


AAerial is a 4 piece metal band from Austin, TX. Their music fuses a style of aggressive metal and ambient electronics. An auditory hallucination weaving together hopeful melodies and dark lyrics that surround the core of one's will to survive.



Role: Guitar & Electronics
Born: Burbank, California
Favorite Food: Soup
Loves: Coffee & Tequila

Fears: Assholes
Favorite Bands: Deftones
Influences: Dan the Man, Chino, Adam D,
Dr. Dre, and Rene Dupre
Interests: Art/Design & Music Production
& Drum & Bass



Jeremy gonzales


Ken Liao

Role: Bassist
Born: Manhattan, New York
Favorite Food: Anything Not Gluten Free
Loves: Hair Gel

Fears: Not having any hair gel
Favorite Bands: Metallica, Fear Factory, Tool, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Influences: Cliff Burton, Robert Trujillo,
Billy Sheehan, John Myung,
Steve Harris, and Ryan Martinie
Interests: Video Games
Endorses: Conklin Basses & Ashdown Amps


Role: Drummer
Born: Austin, Texas
Favorite Food: Taco
Loves: Metronome

Fears: Fanny Packs
Favorite Bands: Underoath, Atreyu,
Slipknot and Wu-Tang Clan
Influences: Nicholas Cage
Interests: Horror Movies & Rock Climbing